LJ Idol Topic 4: Nobody can ride your back if your back's not bent

I hate to say it, but I let my back get ridden.

A friend of mine, whom I will call "Dean" for the purposes of this entry, writes modules for my role playing game, Fellowship of the White Star. I guess I should say he "writes" modules. He comes up with the idea and he communicates that idea to me as best as he appears able.

However his grammar is, to be polite, atrocious. His transitions are non-existent. His characters are flat and stereotypical. His modules take more time to edit than writing a module from scratch.

But, Dean is a nice guy who loves the campaign and loves writing for it. He is so enthusiastic it is really hard to turn him down. And, he helps out in so many other ways. One year he let us store our "magic box" (a milk crate full of two years worth of modules for use for pick-up games) in his hotel room because our housing at the con was less convenient.

We have plenty of authors. Losing one wouldn't hurt, and would actually help as editors could focus on other events. But, again, he is such a good guy. I just can't disappoint him.

I'll bend my back and do extra work for him. I'll gripe and complain about it. But, I'll let him ride my back and take the credit for his finished product. All things considered, I think it is worth it.

LJ Idol tope 3: In Another Castle

Next to the tv stand there sits a set of shelves. And, on these shelves is arranged a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, two SNES's, and a ColecoVision. In the garage there is a PS2, at least one PS, a few NES's, a GameCube, and other consoles made redundant by the ones on the shelves. Between the four of us, there are four DS's. And, of course, there are games on all of the computers. We even have a console video game that plays a selection of classic games such as Joust, Robotron, and Sinistar.
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Video games have been an important part of my life for my entire life. They are still my go-to entertainment even after all these years.

LJ Idol Topic 2: The Missing Stair

Halfway down the stairs is a place where I sit ...

I remember when I was a child, one of my favourite songs on one of my favourite (because it was mine) records was sung by Kermit's nephew, Robin.
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I'm in the middle of my life. So much has come before. So much is still to come. But, right now is neither before nor after. It is Now. And, if I need a new car Now, if I need a new job Now, if I need a new routine Now, then Now is the time to do it. I can't do it yesterday. I might not do it tomorrow.

And, I know the perfect place to make such changes. A place that was special when I was young and deserves to be special when I become old. And, if there is an even number of stairs in my house, I'll make do. Because the stair isn't missing. It isn't up, down, in the nursery, in the town.

It isn't really anywhere. It's somewhere else instead.

LJ Idol Week One Voting

The poll is posted and it is time to vote.

I don't have a recommended reading list this time. I'm still reading, myself. But, I would appreciate votes.

Polling Page

I'm cross-posting this to my Facebook. A lot of my old LJ friends migrated over there over the years and so I don't know if they still read here or not.

LJ Idol Week One: Jayus

"I love you," I said to my wife.

"Yay," is her response. Sometimes she says "Yay" and sometimes she says "I love you too". Both mean the same thing.
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Taken seriously, it is a bad thing to say. Taken at straight value with both what is said and how it is said, it is a hurtful thing to say. But, taken in context, it is more of a joke. Not the normal kind of joke. As Harry Anderson once said, "Its like the funny kind ... only different."

LJ Idol Season 9 Sign Up

So, where to begin?

Years ago I had a job that afforded me a lot of downtime. One of the things I did with this time was to write and maintain my Live Journal. I was active in communities, posted regularly, and even participated in this little thing called LJ Idol.

Then, I lost that job. And, that was replaced by a job with zero downtime. And, that was replaced by ... by ... by whatever it is that I do now. I'll leave more detailed explanations for the inevitable prompts in this newest season of LJ Idol that has successfully brought me back to my nearly forgotten journal.

I'm back for now. We'll see for how long. Anyone who missed me over the last two years can thank LJ Idol for bringing me back.

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Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide. What would you change about your country and why? Would you make new laws? Paint the White House blue? Tell all!

I don't think I could win by a "mudslide" because I disapprove of the mud slinging in American politics in general.
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I think that these domestic changes will make the US government more of a body of people who work for the country and less of a body of people who work for themselves and for the good of the interests who pay them.


On the Technology of Renewable Energy

It seems like it is every other year when the U.S. media turns its focus to renewable energy. One side of the news and talk shows spin a horror story of what could happen should fossil fuels become scarce or be depleted altogether. The other side likewise devotes print and broadcast space, not to debunking the scare tactics, but to explaining that the difficulties involved in transitioning to renewable energy sources. These difficulties include technological needs, industrial interest, and financial difficulties. Research shows, however, that the United States possesses the capacity to convert to renewable energy in these specific areas.
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First Day Back -- Banned!

Until minutes ago I had been a member of an LJ community called WoW_Ladies. It was, back when I first joined, a nice place for people to discuss World of Warcraft, mostly out of character.
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Not a great return to LJ. But, hey, one less community on my list.

Maybe I should go through and cut out some others.