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A Flame About This High

Thenodrin's Journal

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Thenodrin is a man defined by his memories and experiences. His every action, every belief, and every motivation is based on how to avoid getting screwed over in the same way twice. He is a literary person and tries to learn from other people's mistakes, even if some of those other people are fictional.

His social and political views are largely based on Dead Poet's Society, Good Morning Vietnam, and the Squadron Supreme mini-series (now in trade paperback form) by Mark Gruenwald. Many people laugh at this, so to summarize in seriousness: this means that he believes in the importance of individuality, he respects the opinions of the individual, he encourages the expression of self, and he feels that there are few social or political sins greater than the stifling of individual freedom.

Theno tries to find the positive in every situation. He also tries to find the humour in any situation.

A former stand-up commedian and former DJ, he enjoys being the center of attention. He's a leader who distrusts unearned authourity. He respects intelligence, and disrespects arrogance.

Thenodrin's primary hobby is role playing, and he is a semi-professional game designer.

Theno's journal's name is "A Flame About This High" and it will be used mostly for essays that are either rants or personal updates. However, once per week (on average) a fiction story will be posted in a deliberate effort to get more practice in various forms of storytelling. All feedback on these stories will be appreciated.

Newcomers to the site are encouraged to read past posts.

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